Oh Oleg thank you for that pillerbox

He dressed the woman that became one of the most important when it comes to female fashion, Oleg Cassini made clothes for Jaqueline Kennedy. The debonair who moved from from Florence, where he grew up, to the US 1936. He became a debonair, a social and something of a player, dating stars like Grace Kelly, Ursula Andress and he married Gene Tierney who helped his career a lot by wearing his design in all of her films until their divorce in 1952.
It's because of Mrs Kennedys' choice of making him the White House Couturier 1960 that we need to thank thank for a lot of pieces we still admire, and see as classics, today. He created the pillerbox, oversized buttons, the carefully tailored suits Jaqueline wore so many times. Cassini designed around 300 outfits for the first lady which makes him one of the really great designers in the history of American fashion.

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I have Oleg sunglsses! He´s an artist. Kisses ;)


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the clothes were amazing!

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That second picture is such a good one. He was utterly brilliant.