And I really would like to celebrate that in this absolutely amazing dress from Diane Von Furstenberg. I cannot say anything else then that this dress would make any night more than fabulous. Thank you Diane for not only making your lovely wraps!

Perfect for a day full of shopping...

If it only were a bit hotter outside this is definitely an outfit perfect for going around looking at the art of the street, clothes. I love flowerprints and I'm so happy the trend will continue this spring too. Flowersprints are so full of versatility, they can be bold, feminine and simply just a bit of spice to an otherwise boring outfit. Perhaps one could match this outfit from a.p.c. with a leatherjacket in order to give it just a little bit more edge. On the other hand, that is what everyone would do, it's no longer very original to combine femininity with a more rock n' roll style..

A question, do you have any great tips on new designers one should look out for?

Puss Nathalia

It doesn't matter if you're black or white...

... Because both colors is always right for fashion. I love wearing black, it really is a color I always feel confident in, no matter what I do or who I'm suppose to meet. Black is THE fashioncolor, just look at al the top fashionistas. A theory of mine is that they wear black for the same reason many of us do, wearing a pair of black pants and a jacket you cannot be wrong. You're always in and being in the public fashioneye that's quite important...
Both outfits are from La Perla's spring collection and I really think you should check it out. Great inspiration for the warmer days I'm dreaming about...

It's springtime... in my mind...

And this summer a complete outfit from Erin Fetherston wouldn't be completely wrong to have hanging in the closet. Fetherston made a collection including things I wouldn't want to wear ever and things I simply adored, like this outfit that is so perfect for an evening i may, sitting together with someone you like having a drink or a glass of lemonade. As always, I'm drawn to the simplicity and the fact that this is so easy to wear. This is what I want to call dressing smart.

Puss Nathalia

Merry Christmas!!!

Here in Sweden we celebrated, and got the lovely gifts, yesterday but since the rest of the world is a bit after (haha..) I thought I'd wish you all a very merry Christmas today. And give you a tip for a movie to watch in the days between all the partying. White Christmas is a musical with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Vera- Ellen. It's a lovely movie, not only for the clothes... The music is perfect for this holiday and even though it's a quite cheesy oldie (from 1954) I really like it in some strange kind of way. Go and rent it because it's so perfect for a day in the sofa to tired of eating to much.

Puss Nathalia

Ps. The picture is of Vera- Ellen. She is famous for playing a lot at Broadway and has done a lot of musicals, starring against legends such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

It's all coming up now...

Christmas is really close now and all the parties around new year too. That demands new clothing ...or to be precise, I guess non of us really needs a new pair of killer heels or a silky chiffondress, we just want it because it makes us feel good to rip of the pricetag, pull on the new blouse and go out in the night, knowing that we are wearing a new thing that no one has ever seen you in. If I had the money (someday I will win the lottery...) a dress from Elie Saab's spring collection would be high on my purchaselist. In this one, just to take an example from a pretty good collection, you definitely would be in the center of attention. You would be like a little, shining star, sparkling your way through the night. Pretty good for a night full of adventures...

The sales is also coming up and that really is a trap for those with already a wardrobe size XXXL. For me last year was the first time when I did not buy everything nice i saw, just a few pieces followed me home and that felt good! Perhaps we all should think a bit more on nit buying everything, just the stuff we really need. with that said I still think you can buy that wonderful, just amazing dress even if it's too expensive. Just don't do it every time. Once a week is more than enough...

Puss Nathalia (just so you guys know, puss = kiss in Swedish haha)

Ps.I so sorry for being a bit absent, but as probably everybody are right now, I have so much to to before Christmas... Will be better after this holiday full of cakes and borecole, promise!

I really need to start exercising...

... and then I have to look fashionable. Since I hate all forms of physical (ok, not all forms...) training I must have something that makes me actually want to go to the gym. Hot guys in tracksuits isn't enough. So I have to rely on nice clothes. And hope that a pair of too expensive trousers will make my nonexistence ass look a bit fuller. I hope I'll gain a few pound in muscle too... It's quite irritating to never be asked to help carrying things when someone moves, just because I'm to weak haha..

Puss Nathalia

Ps. The outfit is from Dires Van Noten, the watch from Zodiac and the gloves, as one could guess, from Chanel. The photo is taken for Vogue with another favoritemodel of mine, Hilary Rhoda.

Anyone who would like to give this man a hug?

Ps. This is Evandro Soldati from Ford models, and I must say he does a great job selling that perfume. Which actually smells really good too... a great gift to your boyfriend!

Tomorrow I will look like this. Ok I'll try to...

Since my camera still isn't working I just have to show you in other ways what I want to wear. This is perhaps the style I like the most. Black and dark blue (my favorite colors... among many) always looks great on everybody. This is from Acne (not the collection with Lanvin) and I love it. Simple but nice, classic but not boring, prefect.

Puss Nathalia

Oh Oh Oh Oh

It takes quite a lot to make a giant cow (bull?) look fashionable but the absolute genial photographer Patrick Demarchelier seems to have no problems what so ever...

This is a shoot for French Vogue with my absolute favorite model Mariacarla Boscona. She is so beautiful!


If I would join the military...

...this is what I would wear. Really nice collection from Chloé for spring!
And when I got home I would work in a very fashionable office, wearing this from Lanvin sp. 09.

Puss Nathalia

I want a change...because it's fun...please help me...

I'm always told not to do anything. I've tried being blond but it just made me look as if I had put my head in a bucket of old, greasy and very yellow paint. I've tried to chop my hair of in a "I want to look like a tomboy" kind of way. It didn't work. I looked to much like a boy, and not a very feminine one... I can't wear red lipstick, I tend to look like a clown. I don't want to loose weight, I hate exercising and I'm not that good at making interesting hairstyles. But still, I want a change in my appearance! I guess you all know the feeling, if one could we probably would change our outside (not speaking about clothes here...) every time we see a lovely haircut on someone else. I always feel this way when I have to much boring to think about (read school and weird relationships).

But why am I writing this here. Well...hm... I don't know. But you all seam like very reasonable, cleaver persons and since everybody in my precence thinks I should stay the way I am, can't you be so nice and suggest something fun that I could do with my looks? I would be very grateful!
Puss Nathalia
Ps. I know I look quite dead on this pic, that's because I am. My mind is to occupied by analysis and Christmaspresents. And not just the presents I want..


This woman has made so much for making fashion into the form of art it is today. Elsa Schiaparelli designed at the same time as another icon, Coco Chanel but the difference between those two are quite big to say the least. When Chanel designed easy to wear clothes in soft and comfortable fabrics, Elsa did unusual, almost strange, chocking garments. The colorful buttons, sometimes a bit strange prints (I guess you have seen the famous dress with a lobster...) and new types of accessories were invented by her. She designed chic clothes and were very inspired, and influenced, by people like Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau.

The legacy after her is important, she made fashion into art by adding playfulness to both textures, colors and shapes. She said that anything can work in fashion. And I'm pretty sure that this is something some of our most experimental designers listen to. Just look at John Galliano, Gareth Pugh and Vivianne Westwood...

Puss Nathalia

Today I want to wear this and drink cinnamontea...

From Alexander Wang spring 2009. I love this look. Dot. And nothing more to say.

Puss Nathalia

Seaweed is so fashionable....

On Thursday there is a party for all the students who graduate this spring. The theme is said to be the Ocean. Weird as hell since it's really cold outside and the ocean just feels very far away. Probably the reason why the committee felt the need to have it. Stupid. But I'm sure it'll be fun. Otherwise I'll make it so.
Anyhow, this dress is from my beloved HM (all swedes are so proud of the store from our country...) and I'm thinking about wearing it to the party. I mean, it's blue = water and it has things hanging from the fabric = could be seaweed.. or something..

What do you think? I'll probably wear a pair of black tights with it. And, if I feel like I'll be able to walk properly, a pair of high heels.

Puss Nathalia

Ps. I'll get a better camera soon:)

It's Saturday...

... and it would be nice to party in something like this tonight. I like Versace a lot when it comes to eveningclothes. Donatella always succeeds with doing things that feels wearable but never boring. There is something for everyone in every collection. Or at least sometimes. Perhaps Versace is a house for those who believe in themselves and want to show that to the world. Or it's the exact opposite, perhaps the clothes (especially the dresses) are for those who need a boost of confidence. Hm. A thing to think about. Or not if you have better things to do. Which I hope you have.

Puss Nathalia
Ps. It's from rtw spring 2009

The blog is very old now... one week to be exact...

And I'm very happy and grateful to all of you who have given an opinion or comment!
Puss Nathalia

Ps. I don't smoke. Just a few times a year. Or so. Only at parties... But I really liked this photo taken for Vogue in 1956 by William Klein.

If I was a wealthy young woman...

...I would by this first thing tomorrow! I actually think they are quite lovely. Suits us superstars, don't you think so?

Puss Nathalia


If I could put him in a box and give him to all of you I promise I would... maybe.

Puss Nathalia

Ps. If you're interested in his name it's Clement Chaubernaud. Nice name too.

I like this...

I love these outfits, the Swedish brand makes such lovely clothes, in every new collection there is something I want to have. They always have lovely dresses, nice fabrics and as always really nice shapes.

Puss Nathalia
Ps. My dear mum, these shoes under the tree? I promise I will do the dishes for a month. Or at least two.. hm.. perhaps one and a half week..

not. jealous. at. all...

... at Anabela Belikova from IMG.

Puss Nathalia

Ps.It's ok for someone to look so perfect. Really. I'm totally fine with it.

If I ever will marry...

... I don't think I would wear this dress. Perhaps I'd go for something more discreet. But since this is haute couture from Giambattista Valli (spring 09 collection) what else can you expect?

Giambattista always makes fashion with amazing silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and beautiful colours. This year the spring collection showed wearable dresses, as well as big evening gowns swooping the runway with thousand of sher layers. Valli creates clothes, and shoes that look like it could pop out of a painting, perhaps that is why he always attracts the top fashionistas; they know that they will look good without having to poor on expensive jewels from Tiffany (of course they do that anyway, but you get the point). Vali once said that he always makes a new collection with a specific woman in mind. I assure you that I'm going to be that person before i turn 30. A reachable goal? Of course!

Puss Nathalia

Oh and this one too!

I mean you must have someting to bring out the animal in you...
This one from Isaac Mizrahdi
Puss Nathalia

I could wear that, yes.

Some of the pre- fall collections are here.That makes Style.com the perfect place to spend a few hours. Looking in the runwayshows I always get inspired. Most of the collections were good, even though some of them actually quite boring. But I found my inspiration, and I wanted to share them with you to see if you think I'm somewhere close to thinking right...

This one is from Rachel Ray and I must say that outfit really feels as if I could wear it tomorrow. I like everything and! Oh, I must go home and look in my closet to see if there is something that make me look likee that on the debate in school tomorrow! Perhaps it will be good to wear that while trying to pretend being " an atheist who wants to remove everything religious in school". Thank's a lot teacher. At least with this outfit I would be a bit cool.

A dress from Narciso Rodriguez. It's quite a simple one, and would be perfect to wear on Christmas Eve for example. I like the fact that it's so easy to wear even though the colour is pretty strong. If I were a brunette (hm, just remembered I am) Iwould wear it and look very cute so that Santa Clause decides I really need more money, in order to buy more lovely dresses. Hm, perhaps it's time to write a wish-list, just to be prepered when he slides down from the roof.

This is what I would like to wear when going out shopping. Ok, I know the heels are a bit high and that I wouldn't be able to walk one meter but you can dream. And I have already started to practise. It's going... not so good. I look like a duck most of the time. But at least the walk is an entertainment to others!

The outfit comes from Burberry Prorsum and I must say thet their collection was really good! Expensive-looking trenches as always, nice dark coulors and a few really cool dresses, printed with digitalized images fom a Baroque etching Christpher Baily apperently found in an antique shop. That last thing made me a bit more friendly to the fact that my father buys tons of etchings all the time. Perhaps Chris want one with a cow standing by a small pig?

Hope you liked something!

Puss Nathalia

This is my future husband...

... he just doesn't know it yet.

Ps. The beautiful man is the famous model David Gandy photographed by Mariano Vivanco.

When I run into my freedom...

It's a tradition here in Sweden to wear white on your graduation day. I' m just a few (it's in June) months away from the freedom to decide what I want to do. Something I'm looking forward to ... Up until today I never had given the dress on that particular day a thought, but after becoming a member of the ball committee I now think it's time to start looking. The dress have to be special and since it has to be white, hm, I need to find it before someone else takes it. I mean I'm not the only girl wanting one. But if I buy one from Andrew Gn I'm pretty sure I would be alone about that dress in my town...

I can't say I'm very happy for the tradition being a white dress, I would prefer if it were black. I look so much better in that... Perhaps I could wear this one, so nice with the gold!

Puss Nathalia

Ps. Bad for me I can't run (or walk) in heels, then I would combine the white dress with a pair of killer- Loubotins...

Someday I'll have my own fairy...

...and then I hope she will be photographed by Annie Leibovitz, and be as beautiful as Julie Andrews...

Puss Nathalia

Oh what a dress...

This is a dress my aunt bought in the Hip London in the year of 69! I love it and wish I could wear it to school. Hm, perhaps tomorrow, I know my teachers would love it. Or at least get stuck with nostalgia...

Puss Nathlia

Beauty, what's that?

Yes, that is quite a hard question to answer. Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder but in our vain time the eye seams to be the whole society we live in. Everyday we see these beautiful women looking down at us from the shelf full of magazines focusing on our appearance. And I find nothing wrong with that, I think that beauty is about being so certain of yourself that you know that one doesn't have to look like the girls on Vogue teen's front page. A woman standing, looking in a magazine thinking about how beautiful the models are, should think of that instead and realize that beauty is a thing we should appreciate, not feel bad about because we don't look the same. Just being who you are will give you the inner beauty that will shine through and make your outside look beautiful

Of course beauty has something to do with the outside, and genetics too, but I think that when you stop complaining about what you haven't got and start believing when people say your are beautiful others will find you even more attractive. So just stop disrespecting yourself and the beautiful you will shine.

Consequently, first you have to start thinking positive then the whole world will be at your feet. And that has nothing to do with your outside. Perhaps just a little.

Puss Nathalia

I should be studying instead I'm dreaming about dresses....

My friends, at the moment I'm feeling a bit down. Not in the depressed kind of way, more the I HAVE A SUPERCOLD THAT WON'T LEAVE MY BODY. But that's okey, I have nooo problem with being lazy, sitting in my sofa, thinking about studying but instead drinking tea and eating hallonkräm (raspeberrycream haha). The only problem is that the total access I have to my computor. You see, I tend to find way to many beautiful clothes that I want to buy. And it makes me very stessed out because in order to afford the I have to study. And it's quite complicated to read about advertising at the same time as analyzing a dress. But I'll keep on trying and here you got some nice things you can get stuck looking at. Or you could turn off the computor and study. Bad idea, I know.

These metallic dresses comes from Collete Dinnigan and are exactly what I would like to party in this year or inthe evening celebrating new year. Metallic is an easy way to look fashionable without having to exeggerate to much, a dress like this doesn't require any accessorize. That sounds good to me, if I put on a necklace I always look lika a frog. Colette's ready to wear collection for spring 2009 has been criticised for being almost to commercial, never a good thing in fashion, but I must say that some of the dresses were really nice and these two I'd buy in a minute. That's why I probably should go and open that schoolbook now...

Puss Nathalia

The house of Valentino is like the best candystore ever...

... and I must say that the collections are even better now when Alessandra Facchinetti has taken over. For this spring she thinks we should look feminine yet sofisticated. A good intention since Valentiono is famous for being the rich women's favorite for lunch as well as they love wearing his design at fancy dinnerparty.

Last year Valentino Garavani left the hose with his name after almost a lifetime in buisness. His first collection was presented 1962 and Jaqueline Kennedy, who we all know was a very rich lady who probably lunched from time to time, became one of his buyers. Other rich ladies followed and it didn't take long before his design started to win prices and he will forever be remembered as one of them who made "made in Italy" to what it is today. Women loved his design not just because it made them feel stong but because the embroderies and fabrics were beautiful to watch. A very good thing if you lunchdate is a total bore.

Puss Nathalia

You should wear this dress in springtime...

... because then you will be the trendiest person around.

Or at least one of them. Versace has made a new ready to wear collection for spring. This dress is the one that captive the trends we have to look forward to in a couple of months, or now if your are a true fashionista. This spring the dresses should be short, a belt can lift a complete outfit and florals are a print used even more then they were this years summer. The colours are pale with elements of flashy, stong ones. I feel that this year you can wear most colours as long as you combine it with the right accessorize. As always a lot of designers choose the safe way and let their models walk down the runway in soft grey or dark black clothes draped over the body. Drapes will be big, think toga!

Puss Nathalia
Ps. This was a little about colours (you can wright an essay about fashion and colours if you want to. But that I'll save for my book).

Yes please...

...I can go out with you.

And I can marry you and have your children. We could live in a little cottage (or a big, yellow castle, it's much more my style). We can bake cookies and play board game all the time while drinking tea.

Or we could just fuck a little if that's ok?

Puss Nathalia

Ps. This beautiful man is Petey Wright from Ford model agency

Or you can go for the complete opposite...

... to the safe black that ALWAYS look good. Go for all light colours and you definately will stand our from the crowd.
Here from Cheap Monday, spring 2009

When you are seriously thinking about going out naked...

... because there is NOTHING in your warderobe that you can possibly wear. That nice white cardigan with black dots? Nope, to noticeable. The new pair of high waisted jeans that everyone say lift your ass to new dimensions? No, they make me feel fat. That blue dress with a leatherbelt? Oh no! I can't wear that today. Why? Because I just don't feel like it.

This is a conversation I have with myself a lot of times, what to wear? I know that I actually have a warderobe many would like to get their hands on (a few, including a sister twice my lenght, already tried and occasionally succeeded, resulting in me taking her sweaters and then the war has started). But even though you know that the problem with having nothing to wear, can be compared with having a really bad hairday, you still can't manage to get the feeling that everything you put on is just wrong out of your head. I've had big problems with changing my outfits a million times, it even went so far that I was bullied for it by my friends. Thats why I decided to change it (so that I wouldn't continue beeing tstressed out and depressed when it came to the thing I love the most, clothes) and I am very proud to say that I've made it! Or at least when it comes to weakdays...

Since I'm such a nice person I'm going to share a few tips and hopefully they will help you too. If you still feel bad about choosing outfits, I suggest therapy.

1. Wear the thing that you first thought of. That outfit is usually the one you later wish you were wearing. At least for me that is the case with most of my morningtrubbles. Or it was when I had those terrible headaches caused by clothes...

2. Look in Vogue, take the first article with outfit suggestions (there always are a lot of styletips if you had not noticed hihi). Then choose a look you want to go for and take the things in your warderobe (or in your mother, father och sisters) and imitate the picture as good as you can. You will definetly look fashionable.

3. Decide your outfit the evening before. Neverever stand in the morning thinking about what to put on. In the mornings we (at least most normal people) are tired and our braincapacity is not on the level it usually is. That's why you should have those problems the evening before...

4. This is my best tip: WEAR BLACK! It is always trendy. About that there is nothing more to say.

Puss Nathalia


This is typical for Chanel. Black powersuits for the modern woman. A theme that keeps coming back in new, reinvented versions. The pink one just shows a killeroutfit doesn't have to be black, you can look feminine and strong at the same time. That's pretty much what Chanel is all about I think, to show us women at the top of our game without feeling the need to exaggerate.

These styles are from Chanel's Haute Couture show, spring 2009