Blake Lively's hair guru

Yesterday I got to interview the hair stylist of the stars Teddy Charles! He was such a nice man, both interesting to talk to and very handsome... I wish he could do my hair every morning. He usually does both editorials, runways as well as stars such as Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker. I also spoke to one of the most famous swedish stylist, Tony Lundström, he almost said that I should go and get a proper hair cut. Well, maby I should but Teddy said I didn't need to do anything else then wash it and go. I think Tony is right but I will listen to Teddy.
The job will be published in SOLO later this summer.

First fashion job at SOLO

Today the first thing I've done for SOLO is out in the public. I made a little collection with outfits worn by the absolutely amazing Chloë Sevigny. Man, that girl know how to rock... well everything.
Click HERE for more lovely pics on Chloë!

The interview with Elin Kling is coming in the next number of the magazine, look forward to see it, hold it and read it. My first article written for a fashion magazine wiho!

Shine on you crazy sequin

This is how Dolce and Gabbana thinks we ought to walk around this fall. That's just fine by me.

I have to get rich...

... because otherwise I never will be able to afford Chanel no. 5. My drug (at the moment I'm sponsored by a travelling father). And I just don't want it because I want to be as seductive as Marilyn. I don't, I'm aiming on being more like Dipsy in Teletubbies.

puss Nathalia aka Dipsy

ps. I hope you know the famous quote "I sleep in nothing else then my Chanel no. 5" said by Monroe. Ok, I knew you all knew it just wanted to remind you anyway.

In one week I'll be in Paris...

...And then I'll definately go and see the YSL exhibition at the Petit Palais. Yves Saint Laurent really is one of those imense designers who will never, ever, be forgotten. His legacy is far too big, and he keepon influencing the designers of today. Just look at all the versions of his "Le smoking". "Isn't elegance forgetting what one is wearing?"
"We must never confuse elegance with snobbery". True that, Yves.

Opening Ceremony and Chloë

I relly like the dress in pic nr 1, fun but stylish. And the shoes wohaaa. Way to go Chloë and Opening Ceremony!

This is what I want to wear tomorrow

Lovely Stella, just perfect. But I think I might add a nice little hat just to spice it up a bit though.

Alexa can pull it off.

I actually think it looks quite nice. In a strange kind of way. The question is thus if it only looks nice because it's Alexa who's wearing it...
Pic from

Ok, I'm not totally sure anymore- look at the bottom of the dress...

Keep it clean

We all know that some days dressing up in a patterned baby doll dress really isn't on the map. Some days we just want to dress plain and simple, and the choice usually falls on (the life saver black. I do love that dark color but sometimes it just feels as if it makes me a bit depressed and therefore I try to chose light colors, such as white or my all time favourite colors that never makes me look bad: nude, white and beige (and no, nude and beige is not the same thing!).This is really a nice way of dressing, to not use that many colors but still keep it a bit fun with the help of nicely cutted pieces of clothing. I really like the bell formed skirt from Celine (spring 2010), and combined with that simple white shirt I actually think it looks a bit girly but still quite mature in a sexy way.
This is for the brave virgin. Stefano Pilati has given a new meaning to white. Kind of.

Best internship ever

This is insane. This was the first day as an intern at the big fashion/life style magazine SOLO, and I got the task to do an inteview with the biggest style blogger in Sweden, Elin Kling. So tomorrow I'll first watch a shoot with her and than ask her a bunch of questions. It will be so much fun and a bit nerv wracking. But it's above all a great chance to show that I'm a good writer (and I'll hopefully get published in a big magazine too...). Jimmy Hansen is the photographer and the styling will the great Columbinne Smille stand for. It's not a joke when I say that I do feel a bit of angst about what the f**k I'm going to wear tomorrow. My guess is that it will be black though. It always works.
Puss from an excited fashion nerd.

To look more powerful than an elephant....

... is pretty difficult, but the famous model Dovima succeded. The, in her time, highest paid model was discovered by a Vogue editor (a plan of mine too) and was booked to a photoshoot with the legendary Irving Penn the following day. After that she worked with many photographers but it was Richard Alvedon who took the picture she would be best remembered for. It was taken in 1955 at the Cirque d'hiver in Paris. The dress is quite amazing and actually the first designed by Yves Saint Laurent for the house of Dior.

The Selby

The Selby really is my favourite blog about interior design, and that not only because of the fact that he has taken a few great pics of King Karl... Anyway, I'm almost always more into fashion than furniture, or interior (and I find that blogs about the latter often get quite impersonal), but when I start looking at the photos at the Selby I find it quite difficult not to like them, or to not find inspiration. The photographer really captivates the personalities, and the personal style of the ones living in the houses or apartments, and he makes it look just amazing regardless of it being in a rough studio on Manhattan or a country house in the Hamptons.
These are two pics from Philippe and Jasmine Starcks' home and I think their style is great. It's fun, colorful, and creative but still in some strange way quite minimalistic too, an odd but quite wonderful combination. It wouldn't surprise me at all if most of you already know about this blog (or his newly released book), but I would really like to encurage all of you who didn't to check it out at

Bow tie girl

It's really warm in Stockholm today so my dear friend Adam (nicest guy there is?)went around town with the mission to find him a shirt to wear on a very special occasion. We did not find one and after a lot of thought he decided to buy a black bow tie instead (to wear with a checked shirt). I must say that's something I love on a guy, it makes me like him almost instantly.

This is a pic from our beloved Scott aka the Sartorialist and it's a good proof that girls can wear bow ties and look both sophisticated and sexy in a quirky way. Like that.