Oh yes they are. Today, after the christmas tree- thingy I went to the press lunch for Lindex new collection, and I must say that it looked really, really good! I walked away with this nice tee (pic above), a lovely conversation with the press manager and a very full stomach.


Apart from talkning to the lovely Ms Kling I also spoke to a few of my fashion idols here in Sweden, Cia Jansson, fashion editor extraordinaire at swedish Elle and Behnaz Aram, designer at Whyred (and many more cool people that I would like to.. well change life with and that even though I LOVE mine). Anyhow, it's so nice to meet these people and see that you can get rally far and still keep grounded and still be nice to everyone. I want to be like that too.
Now I'm going to do some research on famous red carpet moments, tomorrow I'm going to be interviewed by finnish radio and I better know something spectacular to say about the subject...
Styling by Cia Jansson, Photo by Jimmy Backius for Elle.


And it's wadnesday! Lets celebrate... something. Today I've been to a glamourous christmas tree event to interview a fashion star here in Sweden, Elin Kling (just as I've done before), she is such a nice person with a style d´to die for. And I'm pretty sure she'll go extremely far in the fashionsphere. Did I say that I love my job? I really like meeting interesting people, you learn from each and everyone of them!


Really are two colors that it's difficult to fail with. Yesterday for example I didn't really know what to wear (I was going to a concert with Yelle here in Sthlm) and fter ripping out my intire closet I just took what felt best: black and white. Love that there is such a strong culture about loving black in fashion, and at the same time I find it a bit weird. How can you express wo you are by wearing a moody, dark color all the time (something alot of my fellow students at Fashion History does...). Well well, here are two looks for spring/summer that I think is just perfect, and a great example of how you can wear these two lovely colors. src="" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5541953850483541410" />
Colette Dinnigan. I really like this dress.


Yepp I do! After work yesterday I met up with the lovely Klara at Strand and we ended up talkning taklning talking about life and more. Very nice. Yesterday we also got the sesult from our first exam back and I must say that i aced it, it came as a pleasant surpsise. Now I'm going to the gym. Hate it but I do love the feeling of strenght you get afterwards, it's worth it. Phu.

Just came back from the cinema. Matilda and I went to see Harry P. Nice movie, not as great as the earlier ones though. Tomorrow it's work time at the magazine (as it is almost every day now) and then a fancy fashion party.


Today is going to be a good day! Just like monday and tuesday was. I just have to tell you about two movies I've gone to in the last couple of days, the day before yesterday I brought dear Adam with me to the exclusive (a lot of blog celebrities that is) preview of the documentary about Take That- the biggest boy band ever. It was pretty sweet! Yesterday I met my lovely father for another movie time (don't laugh when I tell you I'll go to Harry Potter tonight too...) and we saw my new favourite movie, "Igelkotten", it was probably the most beautiful movie ever when it comes to tellning a good story. See it.


OH! I just love this three looks from Christopher Kane, resort 2011. I think this is a great example of fun fashion, it's brave but it's stylish like hell. I want to wear this. Now.

Let's play some chess you and me


zara lookbook november 2010Well... my life is really hectic right now, but in a good way! I love to combine working at a magazine writing about fashion and gossip with studying fashion history at the university. I get the best of two worlds, the glamour of going to a premiere and interview a celebrity, with having to do a five page analysis on the male costume in Four wedding and a funeral. Both the more shallow parts of thfashion but also the more intellectual, perfect.
When we're on the subject of perfect I really think this look from Zara is a perfect way to dress on a cold monday, tomorrow that is.

It's raining outside and I'm singing

Well...I did so while cleaning the apartment, it really do helps when doing something boring(another thing that helps while cleaning is thinking that it's exercising. Works just fine for me as I NEVER exercise). Anyhow, speaking of raining, I really love the latest ads for the swedish brand Filippa K. The photos are so calm, but still so captivating. I love that they don't seem to try and romanticize the lovely (but sometimes cold and cloudy)autumn in the usually so "bright and brisky, now we're going to have a picninc in a bunch of orange leafs"- kind of way, but in a more depressed (haha), grey way. The photographer is Camilla Åkrans and the beautiful model is Amanda Norgaard. The stylist is one of my favourites, Robert Rydberg.


Zoe Kravitz looks just smokin' hot.


Just look at those shoes... for spring summer 2010.

Fall is upon us and I love it

Yeah, we are going against colder days. Soon the leafs will all be red, the wind will have a new type of freshness and the fashion will be even better then in the hothothot summer months. I must say that I prefere the fall when it comes to dressing as I really do love layering, and knitted sweaters is someting I cannot get enough of... One of my favourite designers is Dries van Noten, a genious when it comes to put togehther colors, and fabrics in a beautiful way. For this fall he created a collection with a few pieces that I would love to wear, especially a really nice, militay green coat!


Phu! Back home today after a crazy weekend at the Way out West festival in Göteborg. I saw the most amazing artist preform, like Wu tang clan, The soundtrack of our lives, The National, Marina and the diamonds, Iggy, LCD Soundsystem... and so many more! Now I am completely finished but this morning I had to get uå early to help with the Stylelin show at the fashion week here in Sthlm. It was so much fun, and I lovelovelove the clothes! I took care of all the changes for superduper model Leona Axelson Ringström (pic above) who opened the show, she really was very beautiful, and perfect for the Styelin look.