Oh yes they are. Today, after the christmas tree- thingy I went to the press lunch for Lindex new collection, and I must say that it looked really, really good! I walked away with this nice tee (pic above), a lovely conversation with the press manager and a very full stomach.


Apart from talkning to the lovely Ms Kling I also spoke to a few of my fashion idols here in Sweden, Cia Jansson, fashion editor extraordinaire at swedish Elle and Behnaz Aram, designer at Whyred (and many more cool people that I would like to.. well change life with and that even though I LOVE mine). Anyhow, it's so nice to meet these people and see that you can get rally far and still keep grounded and still be nice to everyone. I want to be like that too.
Now I'm going to do some research on famous red carpet moments, tomorrow I'm going to be interviewed by finnish radio and I better know something spectacular to say about the subject...
Styling by Cia Jansson, Photo by Jimmy Backius for Elle.


And it's wadnesday! Lets celebrate... something. Today I've been to a glamourous christmas tree event to interview a fashion star here in Sweden, Elin Kling (just as I've done before), she is such a nice person with a style d´to die for. And I'm pretty sure she'll go extremely far in the fashionsphere. Did I say that I love my job? I really like meeting interesting people, you learn from each and everyone of them!


Really are two colors that it's difficult to fail with. Yesterday for example I didn't really know what to wear (I was going to a concert with Yelle here in Sthlm) and fter ripping out my intire closet I just took what felt best: black and white. Love that there is such a strong culture about loving black in fashion, and at the same time I find it a bit weird. How can you express wo you are by wearing a moody, dark color all the time (something alot of my fellow students at Fashion History does...). Well well, here are two looks for spring/summer that I think is just perfect, and a great example of how you can wear these two lovely colors. src="" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5541953850483541410" />
Colette Dinnigan. I really like this dress.


Yepp I do! After work yesterday I met up with the lovely Klara at Strand and we ended up talkning taklning talking about life and more. Very nice. Yesterday we also got the sesult from our first exam back and I must say that i aced it, it came as a pleasant surpsise. Now I'm going to the gym. Hate it but I do love the feeling of strenght you get afterwards, it's worth it. Phu.

Just came back from the cinema. Matilda and I went to see Harry P. Nice movie, not as great as the earlier ones though. Tomorrow it's work time at the magazine (as it is almost every day now) and then a fancy fashion party.


Today is going to be a good day! Just like monday and tuesday was. I just have to tell you about two movies I've gone to in the last couple of days, the day before yesterday I brought dear Adam with me to the exclusive (a lot of blog celebrities that is) preview of the documentary about Take That- the biggest boy band ever. It was pretty sweet! Yesterday I met my lovely father for another movie time (don't laugh when I tell you I'll go to Harry Potter tonight too...) and we saw my new favourite movie, "Igelkotten", it was probably the most beautiful movie ever when it comes to tellning a good story. See it.


OH! I just love this three looks from Christopher Kane, resort 2011. I think this is a great example of fun fashion, it's brave but it's stylish like hell. I want to wear this. Now.

Let's play some chess you and me


zara lookbook november 2010Well... my life is really hectic right now, but in a good way! I love to combine working at a magazine writing about fashion and gossip with studying fashion history at the university. I get the best of two worlds, the glamour of going to a premiere and interview a celebrity, with having to do a five page analysis on the male costume in Four wedding and a funeral. Both the more shallow parts of thfashion but also the more intellectual, perfect.
When we're on the subject of perfect I really think this look from Zara is a perfect way to dress on a cold monday, tomorrow that is.

It's raining outside and I'm singing

Well...I did so while cleaning the apartment, it really do helps when doing something boring(another thing that helps while cleaning is thinking that it's exercising. Works just fine for me as I NEVER exercise). Anyhow, speaking of raining, I really love the latest ads for the swedish brand Filippa K. The photos are so calm, but still so captivating. I love that they don't seem to try and romanticize the lovely (but sometimes cold and cloudy)autumn in the usually so "bright and brisky, now we're going to have a picninc in a bunch of orange leafs"- kind of way, but in a more depressed (haha), grey way. The photographer is Camilla Åkrans and the beautiful model is Amanda Norgaard. The stylist is one of my favourites, Robert Rydberg.


Zoe Kravitz looks just smokin' hot.


Just look at those shoes... for spring summer 2010.

Fall is upon us and I love it

Yeah, we are going against colder days. Soon the leafs will all be red, the wind will have a new type of freshness and the fashion will be even better then in the hothothot summer months. I must say that I prefere the fall when it comes to dressing as I really do love layering, and knitted sweaters is someting I cannot get enough of... One of my favourite designers is Dries van Noten, a genious when it comes to put togehther colors, and fabrics in a beautiful way. For this fall he created a collection with a few pieces that I would love to wear, especially a really nice, militay green coat!


Phu! Back home today after a crazy weekend at the Way out West festival in Göteborg. I saw the most amazing artist preform, like Wu tang clan, The soundtrack of our lives, The National, Marina and the diamonds, Iggy, LCD Soundsystem... and so many more! Now I am completely finished but this morning I had to get uå early to help with the Stylelin show at the fashion week here in Sthlm. It was so much fun, and I lovelovelove the clothes! I took care of all the changes for superduper model Leona Axelson Ringström (pic above) who opened the show, she really was very beautiful, and perfect for the Styelin look.

This is how I look when I apply make up

Well... kind of at least. This is going to be a regular here on my blog, every week I'll post a photo of my absolute favourite photographer, Richard Avedon. There just is something about his pics that make me want to looka at them over and over again, it's a kid of vitality in them, a joy of life, and still they never look shallow. I just think he is great. So sad he left the planet a couple of years would have been nice to see him work until the age of 150 years. Or more, some people just got the ability to catch the present, and he certainly had it.

Transparent but still not see through

I just saw this pic over at Hanneli's lovely blog. I must say that even though I'm not a particulary big fan of lace (wearing it myself that is, I think it looks good on others haha) I really liked this blouse from Givenchy. It's in some strange way very much transparent even though you don not focus on the skin behind the fabric, but on the beautiful handicraft the piece it self is. That it's haute couture just makes it even better.


Frida Gustafsson looks amazing in this ad for Paul and Joe. Note that she is wearing a fur, one of the biggest trends this year. I doesn't really matter how angry PETA are (or how many times they will crash important fashion shows spilling fake blood all over the place to make us understand how horrible the fur industry is), the fashion world still loves fur. Luckily for all our animal friendly types fake furs are a great option to the real ones. Well, regardles of wearing one of my grandmother's furs from the 50's or my fake leopard one I must say that I like this trend. Especially as I ALWAYS feel like a piece of ice, in a fur even I can feel warm. That's very nice.


Out in the night with the best. Wearing a nice dress and new shoes. Puss

At work at work at work

Right now I'm sitting in my pretty comfortable chair, drinking coffee, eating Läkerol and planning the interview I'm going to do in an hour or so. It's about long term relationships, and if they aren't as long as they used to be 50 years ago. Very interesting indeed. Anyhow, I really can't say that I'm am totally concentrated only on work today as it's friday and I have fun plans for the evening. I'm thinking about which heels I should put on. Ok, that totally made me sound like a fashion victim without a brain. Lucky for me I can say that I just finished a Sylvia Plath book. That makes me an intellectual fashion victim. Much better.

But if I could choose how to look to night I think I would like to wear something like this. Love Karla's blog, she is one of my favourites and I can't find anything negative to say about her style.

My half sister rocks

Oh yes she does, not only is she one of the sweetest (and most beautiful) peolpe I know (and a partner in crime when it comes to a lot of things), she is now also the styling assistant to one of the biggest bloggers in Sweden! Signe Siemensen is the face of American Apparel, as well as a stylist deluxe, and her blog is both full of nice pics and great inspiration style wise. To say that I'm proud of my dear Mira is an understatement, she deservs this job so much.
Just check this out people!

Dear Alexa...

...I really do love your style. It is timeless in a modern way, it's smart and above all; you always look totally effortless. It looks as if you don't even have to think about what to put on in the mornings. Or in the evenings. You're quite simply a natural style icon. And I like the fact that your hair is as long as mine, and that your body has the same (small) amount of curves as mine... That makes you my perfect role model when it comes to fashion. So Alexa when you read this (because I'm terribly sure you will haha) take my word on the fact that you look amazing, and that you are such an inspiration! Thanks a lot!Lovelovelove on sweaters with leopard prints (this one above is from Chloè Sevigny's collection for Opening Ceremony)... or sweaters with stripes for that matter too!


I'm so happy right now as I just got accepted to Fashion history at Stockholm University! Been wanting to study my favourite subject for such a long time now.I celebrated by buying a way to expensive pair of shoes. I mean, a girl got to look good in school, right?

Blake Lively's hair guru

Yesterday I got to interview the hair stylist of the stars Teddy Charles! He was such a nice man, both interesting to talk to and very handsome... I wish he could do my hair every morning. He usually does both editorials, runways as well as stars such as Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker. I also spoke to one of the most famous swedish stylist, Tony Lundström, he almost said that I should go and get a proper hair cut. Well, maby I should but Teddy said I didn't need to do anything else then wash it and go. I think Tony is right but I will listen to Teddy.
The job will be published in SOLO later this summer.

First fashion job at SOLO

Today the first thing I've done for SOLO is out in the public. I made a little collection with outfits worn by the absolutely amazing Chloë Sevigny. Man, that girl know how to rock... well everything.
Click HERE for more lovely pics on Chloë!

The interview with Elin Kling is coming in the next number of the magazine, look forward to see it, hold it and read it. My first article written for a fashion magazine wiho!

Shine on you crazy sequin

This is how Dolce and Gabbana thinks we ought to walk around this fall. That's just fine by me.

I have to get rich...

... because otherwise I never will be able to afford Chanel no. 5. My drug (at the moment I'm sponsored by a travelling father). And I just don't want it because I want to be as seductive as Marilyn. I don't, I'm aiming on being more like Dipsy in Teletubbies.

puss Nathalia aka Dipsy

ps. I hope you know the famous quote "I sleep in nothing else then my Chanel no. 5" said by Monroe. Ok, I knew you all knew it just wanted to remind you anyway.

In one week I'll be in Paris...

...And then I'll definately go and see the YSL exhibition at the Petit Palais. Yves Saint Laurent really is one of those imense designers who will never, ever, be forgotten. His legacy is far too big, and he keepon influencing the designers of today. Just look at all the versions of his "Le smoking". "Isn't elegance forgetting what one is wearing?"
"We must never confuse elegance with snobbery". True that, Yves.

Opening Ceremony and Chloë

I relly like the dress in pic nr 1, fun but stylish. And the shoes wohaaa. Way to go Chloë and Opening Ceremony!

This is what I want to wear tomorrow

Lovely Stella, just perfect. But I think I might add a nice little hat just to spice it up a bit though.

Alexa can pull it off.

I actually think it looks quite nice. In a strange kind of way. The question is thus if it only looks nice because it's Alexa who's wearing it...
Pic from

Ok, I'm not totally sure anymore- look at the bottom of the dress...

Keep it clean

We all know that some days dressing up in a patterned baby doll dress really isn't on the map. Some days we just want to dress plain and simple, and the choice usually falls on (the life saver black. I do love that dark color but sometimes it just feels as if it makes me a bit depressed and therefore I try to chose light colors, such as white or my all time favourite colors that never makes me look bad: nude, white and beige (and no, nude and beige is not the same thing!).This is really a nice way of dressing, to not use that many colors but still keep it a bit fun with the help of nicely cutted pieces of clothing. I really like the bell formed skirt from Celine (spring 2010), and combined with that simple white shirt I actually think it looks a bit girly but still quite mature in a sexy way.
This is for the brave virgin. Stefano Pilati has given a new meaning to white. Kind of.

Best internship ever

This is insane. This was the first day as an intern at the big fashion/life style magazine SOLO, and I got the task to do an inteview with the biggest style blogger in Sweden, Elin Kling. So tomorrow I'll first watch a shoot with her and than ask her a bunch of questions. It will be so much fun and a bit nerv wracking. But it's above all a great chance to show that I'm a good writer (and I'll hopefully get published in a big magazine too...). Jimmy Hansen is the photographer and the styling will the great Columbinne Smille stand for. It's not a joke when I say that I do feel a bit of angst about what the f**k I'm going to wear tomorrow. My guess is that it will be black though. It always works.
Puss from an excited fashion nerd.

To look more powerful than an elephant....

... is pretty difficult, but the famous model Dovima succeded. The, in her time, highest paid model was discovered by a Vogue editor (a plan of mine too) and was booked to a photoshoot with the legendary Irving Penn the following day. After that she worked with many photographers but it was Richard Alvedon who took the picture she would be best remembered for. It was taken in 1955 at the Cirque d'hiver in Paris. The dress is quite amazing and actually the first designed by Yves Saint Laurent for the house of Dior.

The Selby

The Selby really is my favourite blog about interior design, and that not only because of the fact that he has taken a few great pics of King Karl... Anyway, I'm almost always more into fashion than furniture, or interior (and I find that blogs about the latter often get quite impersonal), but when I start looking at the photos at the Selby I find it quite difficult not to like them, or to not find inspiration. The photographer really captivates the personalities, and the personal style of the ones living in the houses or apartments, and he makes it look just amazing regardless of it being in a rough studio on Manhattan or a country house in the Hamptons.
These are two pics from Philippe and Jasmine Starcks' home and I think their style is great. It's fun, colorful, and creative but still in some strange way quite minimalistic too, an odd but quite wonderful combination. It wouldn't surprise me at all if most of you already know about this blog (or his newly released book), but I would really like to encurage all of you who didn't to check it out at