A real supermodel wears an umbrella

Dorian Leigh is a new face to me. Strange because she is an icon worth knowing. Dorian (1917- 2008) was one of the very first models receiving attention from the public, and that thanks a lot to the beautiful fashion pictures taken of her to different fashionmags, by photo gods Richard Alvedon and Irving Penn. Why not read more about this woman with subtitle yet approaching appearance. To google her is a good advice from me.


ps. Don't you just love her eyebrowns?

Anyone who wants to give him a hug?

I know I want to....

Ps. This is Evandro Soldati from Ford models, and I must say he does a great job selling that perfume.

Back for real this time

Now I'm back AGAIN! Haha. Well, it's been such a frenzy since last year but today I decided to start write on my dear blog, and to continue on doing so too...
Well as I said it has happened a lot, a lot and next week I'll start my internship on a big fashion magazine here in Sweden! Talk about nice. I'm also just graduating form Berghs School of communication in Stockholm, it's been fun but I've discovered that adevertising is not really my forte so this fall I'll start studying fashion history instead,something I really look forward to.

Please give me those tights.

I really would like to have those Alexander McQueen tights one of my favourite swedish blogger is waering. God I wish I was richer than Bill Gates.
Here is her blog btw http://rodeo.net/agnes-b/

Mr Jacobs never fails

I guess that a lot of us probably thinks about that parfume ad that's been on everybodys' lips the last couple of weeks when we think of our dear Mr Jacobs, but I must say that I would rather focus on his collection for fall 2010. There are a few things there I really would like to have in my closet. It might not be my favourite collection of his, but if you take a few pieces from it I think you can really get something out from it. Like a great outfit. I really would like to have a dress that looks like this one (the original might be a bit over my budget...) as it is simple and modern, but still a bit fun. And it's black an white, do I really have to say more?

Take a look at style.com to see more, and browse through all his previous collections for more great inspiration!