I'm back

Hallo. It's been a while since I wrote here and a lot of things has happend. Now I feel like writing again and this time it will be a bit more about everything. I'll start with posting one of my absolute favourite looks from spring 2010.
Acne really is a brand on the move to become one of the great, modern fashion houses that others look at for inspiration and I must say that the fashion world here in Sweden would be a bit boring without them. Just look at those pants for example.
With that said, hope you'll enjoy my blog again, I sure have read a lot of good ones even though I've been bad at posting my self.
Puss Nathalia

life sometimes really is black and white

And the Calvin Klein pre fall collection 09 is a great example of that. I must say that this look perfect, not only for the office, just imagine going to a dinnerparty in the white dress below. Talk about shining like a star.
If you want to see more look here at NYLON


I just love her great tailored clothes in soft colors as well as prints and black. It is just prefect for early spring here in Sweden when it's still cold and snowy. The new favorite of mine is Ivana Helsiniki from Finland. As always I have fallen for a designer who makes wearable clothes.

Hope you all are great! Nathalia

Ps. This is quite an amazing website, ivanahelsinki

Oh darling, is it a real one?

Yes, for many of us a genuine jacket, or why not a 2. 55 bag, is a dream worth fighting for. We all know that Coco Chanel started the legendary house, and that Karl Lagerfeldt now keeps on making it one of the world's most devine. Chanel is always ultrafeminine, with great tayloring, coulors worth dying for and it has that air of elegance we all want a piece of.
To watch a Chanel runwayshow is like watching a dreamworld, you just want to wear that jacket, slip in to that chiffon dress and then go out and show it to the world (even if I probably wouldn't dare to move one inch in any direction, I'd be so afraid of breaking it or spilling something on it).

To show you what I mean I'm going to show a few of the most beautiful creations from the haute couture house of Chanel. If you don't like it I seriously think you should think again, and then again until you realise that this is design worth killing for. Not that I think tou should do so, but I'm pretty sure someone have...

Puss Nathalia

Ps. The strange thing is that even when I don't really like the design I still think the outfits look wonderful. I have given that a bit of thought and come to the conclusion that it is because the fabrics always are of the best quality and the handicraft is made with such supreme delicacy. It's unbeatable.

Ps. 2 You really have to go in and have a look on the official website of Chanel! But only if you have a lot of time and not a big book about apartheid (like me) to read before friday. Why? You will get stuck there. I promise.

I'm back...

...and that is all thanks to Elie Saab and his absolutely gorgeous dresses! I guess you probably haven't missed the new collection of couture for spring 2009 but if you have, congratulations, you can look at it now! And just not look, you can dream of being Cinderella, or a superwoman dressed for an important evening, or it could be you dressed for the pram night. I know I would want one at mine in a couple of months.This is a really good example of great couture that is not only about a evening gown size extra large. You can dress up in a great coat and still look like fivehundred milion dollars. I mean, look at the fabric! I must add that I'm very glad this greyish coulor is still popular on the runway, it makes most people look fresh and clean. Great.

Puss Nathalia

Oh Oleg thank you for that pillerbox

He dressed the woman that became one of the most important when it comes to female fashion, Oleg Cassini made clothes for Jaqueline Kennedy. The debonair who moved from from Florence, where he grew up, to the US 1936. He became a debonair, a social and something of a player, dating stars like Grace Kelly, Ursula Andress and he married Gene Tierney who helped his career a lot by wearing his design in all of her films until their divorce in 1952.
It's because of Mrs Kennedys' choice of making him the White House Couturier 1960 that we need to thank thank for a lot of pieces we still admire, and see as classics, today. He created the pillerbox, oversized buttons, the carefully tailored suits Jaqueline wore so many times. Cassini designed around 300 outfits for the first lady which makes him one of the really great designers in the history of American fashion.

Puss Nathalia


I love fashion, I really do and someday I want to wear couture from Christian Lacroix and Chanel. This is from fall 2008 and I can't wait to see what they will come up with this year!
Both houses really make the most exquisite clothes, the outfits breaths perfection even when they are not that nice. Perhaps that's the thrill with couture, it looks great just because you know the time spent on it is so long and the pieces are made by hand with delicacy. Couture is about dreaming of beauty, time and it allows a woman to feel unique and special.
I wonder if you're a bad person if one of your goals in life is to someday be able to buy your very own couture. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, I know, but sometimes it does feel a bit shallow wanting to have amazing clothes when young children are starving. It really is a diffucult thing to decide where to draw the line between overconsumption and just wanting to look nice. Hm... I will give this a thought I think..

Puss Nathalia
To do something new and creative can be a difficult thing to do, and to do it in a fashionable way can be even harder. Perhaps that's why a lot of the top fashioneditors and bloggers seam to absolutely love Maison Martin Margiela's new collection for this spring. The house is celebrating it's 20th- anniversary and showed a few of his most memorable pieces, like a jacket from 1988, which ofcourse is supertrendy now since the eighties with it's shoulder pads is going to be big (and trendy) this season too. Margiela really is a trendsetter and if you look back at collections from his earlier years you understand that other designers often remake and interpret his design, making it their own. Margiela might not always be easy to wear (I mean, who would like o go to a party wearing... hair?) he really is designer that fascinate me!

Puss Nathalia

Ps. I really think you should have a look at the collection here at Style

the day after....it's a new year and I need some sleep

I'm pretty sure we all do. The first day of a new year is not my favorite of the 365 ones there is to come. I'm tired and even if it's because I had a fantastic time yesterday it's not that fun at the moment... I hope you all had a great time yesterday and LETS MAKE 2009 TO THE BEST YEAR EVER.. until next year. And then the year after that.

Puss Nathalia