It's raining outside and I'm singing

Well...I did so while cleaning the apartment, it really do helps when doing something boring(another thing that helps while cleaning is thinking that it's exercising. Works just fine for me as I NEVER exercise). Anyhow, speaking of raining, I really love the latest ads for the swedish brand Filippa K. The photos are so calm, but still so captivating. I love that they don't seem to try and romanticize the lovely (but sometimes cold and cloudy)autumn in the usually so "bright and brisky, now we're going to have a picninc in a bunch of orange leafs"- kind of way, but in a more depressed (haha), grey way. The photographer is Camilla Åkrans and the beautiful model is Amanda Norgaard. The stylist is one of my favourites, Robert Rydberg.


Zoe Kravitz looks just smokin' hot.


Just look at those shoes... for spring summer 2010.

Fall is upon us and I love it

Yeah, we are going against colder days. Soon the leafs will all be red, the wind will have a new type of freshness and the fashion will be even better then in the hothothot summer months. I must say that I prefere the fall when it comes to dressing as I really do love layering, and knitted sweaters is someting I cannot get enough of... One of my favourite designers is Dries van Noten, a genious when it comes to put togehther colors, and fabrics in a beautiful way. For this fall he created a collection with a few pieces that I would love to wear, especially a really nice, militay green coat!


Phu! Back home today after a crazy weekend at the Way out West festival in Göteborg. I saw the most amazing artist preform, like Wu tang clan, The soundtrack of our lives, The National, Marina and the diamonds, Iggy, LCD Soundsystem... and so many more! Now I am completely finished but this morning I had to get uå early to help with the Stylelin show at the fashion week here in Sthlm. It was so much fun, and I lovelovelove the clothes! I took care of all the changes for superduper model Leona Axelson Ringström (pic above) who opened the show, she really was very beautiful, and perfect for the Styelin look.

This is how I look when I apply make up

Well... kind of at least. This is going to be a regular here on my blog, every week I'll post a photo of my absolute favourite photographer, Richard Avedon. There just is something about his pics that make me want to looka at them over and over again, it's a kid of vitality in them, a joy of life, and still they never look shallow. I just think he is great. So sad he left the planet a couple of years would have been nice to see him work until the age of 150 years. Or more, some people just got the ability to catch the present, and he certainly had it.

Transparent but still not see through

I just saw this pic over at Hanneli's lovely blog. I must say that even though I'm not a particulary big fan of lace (wearing it myself that is, I think it looks good on others haha) I really liked this blouse from Givenchy. It's in some strange way very much transparent even though you don not focus on the skin behind the fabric, but on the beautiful handicraft the piece it self is. That it's haute couture just makes it even better.


Frida Gustafsson looks amazing in this ad for Paul and Joe. Note that she is wearing a fur, one of the biggest trends this year. I doesn't really matter how angry PETA are (or how many times they will crash important fashion shows spilling fake blood all over the place to make us understand how horrible the fur industry is), the fashion world still loves fur. Luckily for all our animal friendly types fake furs are a great option to the real ones. Well, regardles of wearing one of my grandmother's furs from the 50's or my fake leopard one I must say that I like this trend. Especially as I ALWAYS feel like a piece of ice, in a fur even I can feel warm. That's very nice.


Out in the night with the best. Wearing a nice dress and new shoes. Puss

At work at work at work

Right now I'm sitting in my pretty comfortable chair, drinking coffee, eating Läkerol and planning the interview I'm going to do in an hour or so. It's about long term relationships, and if they aren't as long as they used to be 50 years ago. Very interesting indeed. Anyhow, I really can't say that I'm am totally concentrated only on work today as it's friday and I have fun plans for the evening. I'm thinking about which heels I should put on. Ok, that totally made me sound like a fashion victim without a brain. Lucky for me I can say that I just finished a Sylvia Plath book. That makes me an intellectual fashion victim. Much better.

But if I could choose how to look to night I think I would like to wear something like this. Love Karla's blog, she is one of my favourites and I can't find anything negative to say about her style.

My half sister rocks

Oh yes she does, not only is she one of the sweetest (and most beautiful) peolpe I know (and a partner in crime when it comes to a lot of things), she is now also the styling assistant to one of the biggest bloggers in Sweden! Signe Siemensen is the face of American Apparel, as well as a stylist deluxe, and her blog is both full of nice pics and great inspiration style wise. To say that I'm proud of my dear Mira is an understatement, she deservs this job so much.
Just check this out people!

Dear Alexa...

...I really do love your style. It is timeless in a modern way, it's smart and above all; you always look totally effortless. It looks as if you don't even have to think about what to put on in the mornings. Or in the evenings. You're quite simply a natural style icon. And I like the fact that your hair is as long as mine, and that your body has the same (small) amount of curves as mine... That makes you my perfect role model when it comes to fashion. So Alexa when you read this (because I'm terribly sure you will haha) take my word on the fact that you look amazing, and that you are such an inspiration! Thanks a lot!Lovelovelove on sweaters with leopard prints (this one above is from Chloè Sevigny's collection for Opening Ceremony)... or sweaters with stripes for that matter too!


I'm so happy right now as I just got accepted to Fashion history at Stockholm University! Been wanting to study my favourite subject for such a long time now.I celebrated by buying a way to expensive pair of shoes. I mean, a girl got to look good in school, right?