Oh darling, is it a real one?

Yes, for many of us a genuine jacket, or why not a 2. 55 bag, is a dream worth fighting for. We all know that Coco Chanel started the legendary house, and that Karl Lagerfeldt now keeps on making it one of the world's most devine. Chanel is always ultrafeminine, with great tayloring, coulors worth dying for and it has that air of elegance we all want a piece of.
To watch a Chanel runwayshow is like watching a dreamworld, you just want to wear that jacket, slip in to that chiffon dress and then go out and show it to the world (even if I probably wouldn't dare to move one inch in any direction, I'd be so afraid of breaking it or spilling something on it).

To show you what I mean I'm going to show a few of the most beautiful creations from the haute couture house of Chanel. If you don't like it I seriously think you should think again, and then again until you realise that this is design worth killing for. Not that I think tou should do so, but I'm pretty sure someone have...

Puss Nathalia

Ps. The strange thing is that even when I don't really like the design I still think the outfits look wonderful. I have given that a bit of thought and come to the conclusion that it is because the fabrics always are of the best quality and the handicraft is made with such supreme delicacy. It's unbeatable.

Ps. 2 You really have to go in and have a look on the official website of Chanel! But only if you have a lot of time and not a big book about apartheid (like me) to read before friday. Why? You will get stuck there. I promise.

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Raquel sa...

Thank you so much for your comment darling. And thanks for the post, I'll look through the website right away!

HoneyBunny sa...

Thank you for your comment Hon:* I'll take a look at the website of course.....I need some inspiration;)) P.S. it seems that you've got the same name as me;) mine is spelled Natalia;)

Amelia sa...

I love Chanel!

Frock Around the Clock sa...

I'll post a cake to you haha :)

My favourite thing on the Chanel website at the moment is the crocodile brooch. Its so beautiful and you could treasure it forever! x