It's raining outside and I'm singing

Well...I did so while cleaning the apartment, it really do helps when doing something boring(another thing that helps while cleaning is thinking that it's exercising. Works just fine for me as I NEVER exercise). Anyhow, speaking of raining, I really love the latest ads for the swedish brand Filippa K. The photos are so calm, but still so captivating. I love that they don't seem to try and romanticize the lovely (but sometimes cold and cloudy)autumn in the usually so "bright and brisky, now we're going to have a picninc in a bunch of orange leafs"- kind of way, but in a more depressed (haha), grey way. The photographer is Camilla Åkrans and the beautiful model is Amanda Norgaard. The stylist is one of my favourites, Robert Rydberg.

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