A real supermodel wears an umbrella

Dorian Leigh is a new face to me. Strange because she is an icon worth knowing. Dorian (1917- 2008) was one of the very first models receiving attention from the public, and that thanks a lot to the beautiful fashion pictures taken of her to different fashionmags, by photo gods Richard Alvedon and Irving Penn. Why not read more about this woman with subtitle yet approaching appearance. To google her is a good advice from me.


ps. Don't you just love her eyebrowns?

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- My Idea Of Style - sa...

Hi, missy! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog!:) I cannot agree with you more on those mcqueen tights. iiiiik. Love agnes.

stop by again sometime!:)

xx T

Keith sa...

I had never heard of her. This was as an interesting post. I'll have to check more into her.

Baby Melody sa...

Perfect eyebrows in my opinion!
Very cute blog by the way :)