At work at work at work

Right now I'm sitting in my pretty comfortable chair, drinking coffee, eating Läkerol and planning the interview I'm going to do in an hour or so. It's about long term relationships, and if they aren't as long as they used to be 50 years ago. Very interesting indeed. Anyhow, I really can't say that I'm am totally concentrated only on work today as it's friday and I have fun plans for the evening. I'm thinking about which heels I should put on. Ok, that totally made me sound like a fashion victim without a brain. Lucky for me I can say that I just finished a Sylvia Plath book. That makes me an intellectual fashion victim. Much better.

But if I could choose how to look to night I think I would like to wear something like this. Love Karla's blog, she is one of my favourites and I can't find anything negative to say about her style.

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