The Selby

The Selby really is my favourite blog about interior design, and that not only because of the fact that he has taken a few great pics of King Karl... Anyway, I'm almost always more into fashion than furniture, or interior (and I find that blogs about the latter often get quite impersonal), but when I start looking at the photos at the Selby I find it quite difficult not to like them, or to not find inspiration. The photographer really captivates the personalities, and the personal style of the ones living in the houses or apartments, and he makes it look just amazing regardless of it being in a rough studio on Manhattan or a country house in the Hamptons.
These are two pics from Philippe and Jasmine Starcks' home and I think their style is great. It's fun, colorful, and creative but still in some strange way quite minimalistic too, an odd but quite wonderful combination. It wouldn't surprise me at all if most of you already know about this blog (or his newly released book), but I would really like to encurage all of you who didn't to check it out at

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