Best internship ever

This is insane. This was the first day as an intern at the big fashion/life style magazine SOLO, and I got the task to do an inteview with the biggest style blogger in Sweden, Elin Kling. So tomorrow I'll first watch a shoot with her and than ask her a bunch of questions. It will be so much fun and a bit nerv wracking. But it's above all a great chance to show that I'm a good writer (and I'll hopefully get published in a big magazine too...). Jimmy Hansen is the photographer and the styling will the great Columbinne Smille stand for. It's not a joke when I say that I do feel a bit of angst about what the f**k I'm going to wear tomorrow. My guess is that it will be black though. It always works.
Puss from an excited fashion nerd.

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Fuji Files sa...

Congrats!! Sounds like the most amazing internship. I'd be nervous too but make sure you enjoy it because girls would kill for this job!

xx FujiFiles

- My Idea Of Style - sa...

Amazing! you`re so lucky!! I hope it goes well! fingers crossed!

thanks for stopping by!

xx T