Keep it clean

We all know that some days dressing up in a patterned baby doll dress really isn't on the map. Some days we just want to dress plain and simple, and the choice usually falls on (the life saver black. I do love that dark color but sometimes it just feels as if it makes me a bit depressed and therefore I try to chose light colors, such as white or my all time favourite colors that never makes me look bad: nude, white and beige (and no, nude and beige is not the same thing!).This is really a nice way of dressing, to not use that many colors but still keep it a bit fun with the help of nicely cutted pieces of clothing. I really like the bell formed skirt from Celine (spring 2010), and combined with that simple white shirt I actually think it looks a bit girly but still quite mature in a sexy way.
This is for the brave virgin. Stefano Pilati has given a new meaning to white. Kind of.

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Fuji Files sa...

I totally agree these plain colors can make such a statement in interesting cuts. And some days call for sophisticated whites!

xx Cristina