You should wear this dress in springtime...

... because then you will be the trendiest person around.

Or at least one of them. Versace has made a new ready to wear collection for spring. This dress is the one that captive the trends we have to look forward to in a couple of months, or now if your are a true fashionista. This spring the dresses should be short, a belt can lift a complete outfit and florals are a print used even more then they were this years summer. The colours are pale with elements of flashy, stong ones. I feel that this year you can wear most colours as long as you combine it with the right accessorize. As always a lot of designers choose the safe way and let their models walk down the runway in soft grey or dark black clothes draped over the body. Drapes will be big, think toga!

Puss Nathalia
Ps. This was a little about colours (you can wright an essay about fashion and colours if you want to. But that I'll save for my book).

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