not. jealous. at. all...

... at Anabela Belikova from IMG.

Puss Nathalia

Ps.It's ok for someone to look so perfect. Really. I'm totally fine with it.

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Laroux sa...

God. She looks beyond perfect. I'm taking consolation by hoping that it's all airbrushing, and that first thing in the morning she looks just as terrible as I do!


Indy sa...

what an amazing dress! Like you said, who would actually wear it to their wedding, once it gets down to it, but, maybe it would work for some people (and their budgets!)

Anyway, I am a freshman in college (UW Wisconsin system) and will graduate in 2012 with (hopefully) a criminal justice major.


Kira Fashion sa...

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Michael Oats sa...


deep_in_vogue sa...

she does look amazing, the hair and the dress.. her face and complexion, and let's not forget the light, make up and incredible photography on this image :)

J. sa...

Sigh...She's so gorgeous. This picture is beautiful.

V sa...

she does look very beautiful! and those curls!! wow.

thanks for commenting, I'm adding you :)

Anonym sa...