I could wear that, yes.

Some of the pre- fall collections are here.That makes Style.com the perfect place to spend a few hours. Looking in the runwayshows I always get inspired. Most of the collections were good, even though some of them actually quite boring. But I found my inspiration, and I wanted to share them with you to see if you think I'm somewhere close to thinking right...

This one is from Rachel Ray and I must say that outfit really feels as if I could wear it tomorrow. I like everything and! Oh, I must go home and look in my closet to see if there is something that make me look likee that on the debate in school tomorrow! Perhaps it will be good to wear that while trying to pretend being " an atheist who wants to remove everything religious in school". Thank's a lot teacher. At least with this outfit I would be a bit cool.

A dress from Narciso Rodriguez. It's quite a simple one, and would be perfect to wear on Christmas Eve for example. I like the fact that it's so easy to wear even though the colour is pretty strong. If I were a brunette (hm, just remembered I am) Iwould wear it and look very cute so that Santa Clause decides I really need more money, in order to buy more lovely dresses. Hm, perhaps it's time to write a wish-list, just to be prepered when he slides down from the roof.

This is what I would like to wear when going out shopping. Ok, I know the heels are a bit high and that I wouldn't be able to walk one meter but you can dream. And I have already started to practise. It's going... not so good. I look like a duck most of the time. But at least the walk is an entertainment to others!

The outfit comes from Burberry Prorsum and I must say thet their collection was really good! Expensive-looking trenches as always, nice dark coulors and a few really cool dresses, printed with digitalized images fom a Baroque etching Christpher Baily apperently found in an antique shop. That last thing made me a bit more friendly to the fact that my father buys tons of etchings all the time. Perhaps Chris want one with a cow standing by a small pig?

Hope you liked something!

Puss Nathalia