Beauty, what's that?

Yes, that is quite a hard question to answer. Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder but in our vain time the eye seams to be the whole society we live in. Everyday we see these beautiful women looking down at us from the shelf full of magazines focusing on our appearance. And I find nothing wrong with that, I think that beauty is about being so certain of yourself that you know that one doesn't have to look like the girls on Vogue teen's front page. A woman standing, looking in a magazine thinking about how beautiful the models are, should think of that instead and realize that beauty is a thing we should appreciate, not feel bad about because we don't look the same. Just being who you are will give you the inner beauty that will shine through and make your outside look beautiful

Of course beauty has something to do with the outside, and genetics too, but I think that when you stop complaining about what you haven't got and start believing when people say your are beautiful others will find you even more attractive. So just stop disrespecting yourself and the beautiful you will shine.

Consequently, first you have to start thinking positive then the whole world will be at your feet. And that has nothing to do with your outside. Perhaps just a little.

Puss Nathalia

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Shopaholic sa...

Nice blog, thanks for vising mine.

I guess beauty is always changing. What people considered to be beautiful 50 years ago is very different from what is perceived to be beautiful today. Hopefully in the future beauty will be more attainable.