I really need to start exercising...

... and then I have to look fashionable. Since I hate all forms of physical (ok, not all forms...) training I must have something that makes me actually want to go to the gym. Hot guys in tracksuits isn't enough. So I have to rely on nice clothes. And hope that a pair of too expensive trousers will make my nonexistence ass look a bit fuller. I hope I'll gain a few pound in muscle too... It's quite irritating to never be asked to help carrying things when someone moves, just because I'm to weak haha..

Puss Nathalia

Ps. The outfit is from Dires Van Noten, the watch from Zodiac and the gloves, as one could guess, from Chanel. The photo is taken for Vogue with another favoritemodel of mine, Hilary Rhoda.

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Song of Style sa...

yes, the styling of that outfit is amazing. and i agree with u on working out. since i am in LA now, i must jog with my dogs.haha

Samantha Smikle sa...

girlie, I have you on my blog roll like you asked. are we exchanging links??? don't see my link up. Let me know.

thanks and xo,

Susanna-Cole sa...

It takes a lot to get me to go anywhere near a gym! If I'm going to excerise, I don't want to do it in a building with a bunch of other people! :P I like to be out in nature, I think kayaking is my favorite form of exercise! :)

Hope you get some muscles so you can carry your bags, hehe ;) (Don't worry I'm kind of wimpy and weak myself, I can only carry but so much stuff! :P)


Ariella sa...

Uff, ja, det kan være tungt å ha nok motivasjon til å trene... Jeg kjenner meg godt igjen der.
Iallefall var det antrekket helt supert og jeg håper du finner noe fint og treningsinspirerende som kan hjelpe deg.

Aisha sa...

I hate working out too :S

FashionSqueah! sa...

I think we'd all do more excecise if we could dress liek this while doing it! It'd be a lie for me to say I'd spend money on sports clothes though! Thanks for the comment!

♥ fashion chalet sa...

Gorgeous photo, I love her jacket! :)