And I really would like to celebrate that in this absolutely amazing dress from Diane Von Furstenberg. I cannot say anything else then that this dress would make any night more than fabulous. Thank you Diane for not only making your lovely wraps!

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The Stiletto Effect sa...

Hi Nathalia!
Thank you very much for your kind words :)
Please keep in touch
Have a HAPPY 2009

claire sa...

Hello! That dress is indeed very nice, I don't know if you have french connection in sweden, but they do quite similar ones for cheaper! y-s x

Kat sa...

thank you for you comment, hope you enjoyed the holidays too.

great dress and love the outfit in the post below.

Bella sa...

It's gorgeous!

Miranda sa...

happy holidays!
this dress is amazing :) what're you wearing for nye??

The Clothes Horse sa...

Diane, I love that she does her thing and does not compromise.

The Stylish Wanderer sa...

oh god. its to die for!

Susanna-Cole sa...

Oh that dress is beautiful! And happy New Year to you! <3


yiqin; sa...

Ah yes, it is so lovely! happy new year :)