Merry Christmas!!!

Here in Sweden we celebrated, and got the lovely gifts, yesterday but since the rest of the world is a bit after (haha..) I thought I'd wish you all a very merry Christmas today. And give you a tip for a movie to watch in the days between all the partying. White Christmas is a musical with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Vera- Ellen. It's a lovely movie, not only for the clothes... The music is perfect for this holiday and even though it's a quite cheesy oldie (from 1954) I really like it in some strange kind of way. Go and rent it because it's so perfect for a day in the sofa to tired of eating to much.

Puss Nathalia

Ps. The picture is of Vera- Ellen. She is famous for playing a lot at Broadway and has done a lot of musicals, starring against legends such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

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Chloe sa...

thanks for the comment!
oh i love the idea of celebrating with all the presents on christmas eve!
merry christmas to you to!

Anonym sa...

Lovely pic darling :)
I hope I'll be seeing you soon. I have alot to tell you <3

Indy sa...

i love this movie!!! It is such a holiday classic! I love the scene when the guys dress up in the girl's dresses and sing the song - priceless. Happy holidays, dear, enjoy!


jeanie annan-lewin sa...

hope you had a great xmas hun xxx

eva sa...

ah merry christmas! everyone said merry christmas to me yesterday and no one today.. and today was just resting, it feels weird. anyways i hope you had a great holiday!

Countrybelle sa...

thanks for visiting my blog! yours is super sweet and fun. i am very serious about fashion too! i'd love if you'd come visit my secret blog. it is hidden from my profile so no one who knows me can see...
i hope you had a lovely christmas, sweet girl!