The house of Valentino is like the best candystore ever...

... and I must say that the collections are even better now when Alessandra Facchinetti has taken over. For this spring she thinks we should look feminine yet sofisticated. A good intention since Valentiono is famous for being the rich women's favorite for lunch as well as they love wearing his design at fancy dinnerparty.

Last year Valentino Garavani left the hose with his name after almost a lifetime in buisness. His first collection was presented 1962 and Jaqueline Kennedy, who we all know was a very rich lady who probably lunched from time to time, became one of his buyers. Other rich ladies followed and it didn't take long before his design started to win prices and he will forever be remembered as one of them who made "made in Italy" to what it is today. Women loved his design not just because it made them feel stong but because the embroderies and fabrics were beautiful to watch. A very good thing if you lunchdate is a total bore.

Puss Nathalia

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Vendela sa...

Den översta var väldigt chanelig, like it. ÄLSKAR FÖR ÖVRIGT ATT DU HAR BÖRJAT BLOGGA. Ser att du redan fått en lite fashion junkie efter dig, Dean-killen ;)